Our vision

  • Ensure a landscape driven design response, protecting and enhancing fauna and flora
  • Ensure all buildings are low density with soft organic building shapes
  • Maintain and improve public beach access and facilities

Our design ethos

Nature and existing site features have driven the design. Our starting place was to respond to the natural landscape including typography and water bodies and the infrastructure already on the site.

Key drivers

Natural landscape

The resort is a series of buildings nestled in the natural landscape. Vegetation selection celebrates species found in littoral rainforest, coastal heathland and frontal dunes. Landscape themes are important as they create a sense of space for guests and visitors while at the same time creating fauna habitat.

Natural water corridors

With the ocean to the north-east and creeks, gullies and lakes throughout the site, water is a dominant element. Natural water corridors have been revitalised to promote healthy human and fauna experiences.


For operations, people and fauna, with general infrastructure and resort operations grouped where possible to minimise impact on nature and resort guests.

Bayshore Drive has been upgraded including the provision of public car parking. The public beach access has also be upgraded to include a beach shower, public toilet and a kiosk open to the public.

Statement from Shane Thompson, Architect