Byron Shire Council issued approval to host a small number of cultural events annually on the land adjacent to Elements of Byron resort.

The maximum event space, including car parking and camping, is up to 9.8 hectares, which is 11% of the 89 hectare site.

This approval enables us to maintain our vision to provide a venue for small cultural events while addressing issues of concern to the community.

The approval is for up to six events annually:

Event size Max # events per annum Max # event days per annum
Up to 1000 patrons per day 3 6
1001 to 3000 patrons per day 3* 6
Total 6 12

* The Byron Bay Writers Festival takes up one of the three events and three of the six possible event days in the 1001 – 3000 patrons category.

Each event requires a certified traffic control plan prepared by a suitable RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) qualified certifier. Depending upon event patron numbers and times, traffic controllers will manage traffic at key road locations and ensure that Sunrise Boulevard is not used as a route by event patrons. Events will be scheduled to avoid peak traffic times on Bayshore Drive.

An operational noise protocol will be developed for each event with amplified music. Noise limits will comply with the NSW industrial noise policy and all other relevant controls. Any stages or speakers will face north-east, away from Sunrise residential areas. Not all events will have amplified music.

Some events will include camping of patrons.