Beach works

Repair of the sandbag structure fronting Belongil Estuary


UPDATE 8 APRIL 2021 - Repair works will recommence Monday 12 April. Heavy machinery will access the beach within the Elements of Byron land during this time. We expect the works may take up to 10 days. Please keep a wide berth. There will be dedicated spotters on the beach to ensure public safety. The area will be tidied and fully restored upon completion of works.


You may have heard recently about the repair works we have been undertaking to the existing sandbag wall fronting the Belongil Estuary. Here is a summary and update:

  • The 1.5m high geo-fab (sandbag) wall was constructed in 2015 under the Coastal Protection Act.
  • The works sit wholly within the Elements of Byron property.
  • In 2017 an application was made to the Coastal Panel for a permanent approval, however they informed us that this was not required.
  • As landowners and under this regime we are required to maintain the structure in perpetuity for safety and integrity.
  • This is the first time since 2016 that we have needed to carry out any maintenance works. These works are limited to a small section of the overall structure.
  • All work health and safety plans and protocols were drawn up, which included having two full time spotters on the beach for public safety.
  • The contractor commenced work on Thursday 4th February.
  • Under direction from the Fisheries Department we stopped work on Friday 5th February and submitted an application to DPI (Department of Primary Industries). We were not previously aware that this was required.
  • It was not our intention to leave the work incomplete and untidy in the short-term.
  • The Fisheries permit was issued on the 19th February and the stop work order lifted.

We will recommence the repair and maintenance works when there is some reduction in the currently very high levels of water in Belongil Creek.

It is possible these bags may be buried again for many years due to the dynamic nature of this ICOLL (intermittently closed and open lake or lagoon).

We continue to work with National Parks, Byron Shire Council and Byron Bird Buddies to maintain fencing and safe areas for breeding estuary birds.

Please contact us on or 0283794044 with any questions you may have.