Proposal for environmental zonings


To the west of Elements of Byron Resort is the old nine hole golf course, most recently used as the Byron Writers Festival site. Constructed in the 80s by the Byron Bay Beach Resort, the golf course operated for around thirty years.

Over the past several years we have been reviewing various options for this land, working to understand both the constraints and opportunities it may offer. The subject site includes four titles across 41 hectares. These are currently zoned SP3 (Tourist Zone) plus a mixture of deferred 1988 LEP zones of Coastal Land (7(f1), Coastal Habitat (7b), Wetland (7a) and Tourist Area (2t).

This Planning Proposal (a planning proposal is the technical name for a rezoning) seeks to remove the SP3 (Tourist Zone), 7(f1) and (7a) zoning applying to the 11.882 hectare cleared part of the subject site and rezone to E4 Environmental Living. The remaining 29 hectares including all land seaward of the 100 year coastal hazard line would be zoned E2 Environmental Conservation and 7(f)1 Coastal Land Zone, providing the highest level of caution and environmental protection. 

Should this Planning Proposal (rezoning) be successful, a further application would later be required to subdivide the existing four lots into nine. The large – minimum 1 hectare – allotments would provide ample space for dwellings to be located in cleared grassed areas only. The E4 zone would permit single houses on the land but not secondary dwellings or dual occupancy, so there could never be more than one dwelling on each of the nine allotments. Never more than nine houses across the 11.882 hectares proposed for E4 Environmental Living.

The total housing/building footprint across the subject site would be less than 2.5%.

The part of the site proposed for E4 Environmental Living comprises cleared and mown grass with scattered coast banksias and broad-leaved paperbarks. There are also two man made waterbodies with some fringing vegetation.

In consultation with Council staff, E4 Environmental Living was identified as the most appropriate zoning for that part of the land which is not impacted by coastal hazard nor is suitable for any of the other E zones.

Further, 0.6 hectares of the existing resort land (adjacent to the main resort building and public beach access) currently zoned deferred 7(f1) and not subject to coastal hazard is proposed to be zoned SP3. Overall, removal of three hectares of SP3 (Tourist Zone) is sought.

The existing public beach access would remain unimpeded.

The Proposal resolves in perpetuity the land’s long-term protection and ultimate yield and brings the zoning in line with the new 2014 LEP classifications.

It also seeks to bring our dedication to E2 and E3 conservation zonings up to 60% of the overall property, or 52.5 hectares. The majority of this being E2 Environmental Conservation.

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