We established this website in 2013 to keep the Byron Shire community abreast of our intentions with the North Byron Beach Resort site.

The property is 230 acres with almost 2km of beach frontage. The portion of this land we developed as Elements of Byron comprises 50 acres and has a final building footprint of only 3.8%.

Our goal is that Elements of Byron and the broader North Byron Beach Resort site are assets that are valued by the local community.

The project has improved beach access and created facilities for locals.

Any events held onsite are in keeping with the ethos and business model of a low key resort within a fragile environment.

Our commitment to the community is long term. We own the land and value the opportunities we have to create quality employment and be an important contributor to the Byron economy.

Please help us by informing us if you feel you are being impacted or compromised. Your ongoing feedback is invaluable in improving our operations.

Thank you.