Old golf course land

For many years we have been sharing with our local community our plans for the old golf course land to the west of Elements of Byron Resort. In May 2022 that land was rezoned to C4 Environmental Living and at the same time a further 29.8 hectares around this old golf course land, including all land seaward of the 100 year coastal hazard line, were zoned C2 Environmental Conservation and 7(f1) Coastal Land Zone, providing the highest level of caution and environmental protection.

The rezoning brought the dedication to C2 and C3 conservation zonings up to 60% of the overall property, or 52.5 hectares. The majority of this being C2 Environmental Conservation.

Our proposal would result in nine dwellings across 40.1 hectares (subject to further approvals). The nine proposed lots would range in size from 1.17 to 28.9 hectares. All proposed housing would be in cleared grassed areas of the C4 land only.

The existing public beach access will continue unimpeded.

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