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Region’s largest solar project

Update 11 August 2023

We have embarked on an ambitious solar project.

We have been working with the Gold Coast based Redx solar technology company to come up with a plan for both the Elements of Byron Resort and the Byron Solar Train that we believe is not only the largest solar project in the Northern Rivers but the largest for any hotel or resort in Australia.

Like everyone else our electricity bills have increased considerably in the past year. For the resort alone we are paying in the order of $70,000 a month for energy and that’s with our existing considerable solar array, which is now eight years old. The plan is to halve that bill.

The new solar array and battery system is expected to reduce Elements of Byron’s power bill by $400,000 a year and provide $63,000 annually in carbon credits.

The $1.375 million system involves 2045 individual solar panels on the villa rooves and 1100kw of battery capacity, all behind the meter. Redx will be able to monitor the Elements of Byron power system in real time and use their Ai software to reduce the peak demand which is a large portion of the power bill. The main resort building, with its curved roof mimicking the sand dunes, will remain clear of solar panels.

Currently the Byron Solar Train is a net exporter of energy, overall using only 23% of the energy it generates from solar panels on the roof of the North Beach Station along with power generated by panels on the roof of the train itself and regenerative braking to power the train. The remaining 77% of energy created is fed into the grid. What this means is we get 5c per kWh for what we export, but when we buy back energy on a cloudy day we are paying more than six times this price. With the new inverters and batteries planned for North Beach Station we can better store the energy we create and use it when we need it.

A display of the battery technology will be installed at the North Beach Station of the Byron Solar Train on Bayshore Drive.

The technology for a system like this with large scale battery storage at competitive pricing hasn’t been there until now. But we are now ready to deploy this across the resort and train as the technology and economics have improved so much in the past five years.

The region's largest solar project will see over 2000 new solar panels installed on Elements of Byron's villa rooves
The region’s largest solar project will see over 2000 new solar panels installed on Elements of Byron’s villa rooves