Temporary coastal protection works

There is a section of land from the where the Belongil Creek meets the sand to around 160m south of the public beach access which is subject to erosion.

Over a distance of 20 to 30m north of the end of the existing protection works there has been a loss of approximately 10 metres of land, with a resulting loss of the dune profile, over the period December 2018 to November 2022.

This has impacted on the beach. It has also impacted on public safety, on beach amenity, on the Elements of Byron resort and on access to the beach from within the Elements of Byron resort.

Due to these factors and having regard to the 2016 Coastal Management Act 2016, there is a need for the extension of the existing coastal protection works which were constructed in 2015 under the “code of practice”.

The existing works are in the form of a geobag (large sandbag) wall which extends for 210 lineal metres. It is proposed that this buried structure be extended to the north by an additional 40 lineal metres, using the same profile and design. All the proposed new works would be within land owned by North Byron Beach Resort. The public beach access, which is 160m north of the northern limit of the proposed works, would not be impeded.

The proposed extension would be a temporary structure with a proposed lifespan of five years, while the Coastal Management Program (CMP) for the Byron Shire Northern Coastline is completed. Stage 1 of the Coastal Management Program Northern Coastline was adopted by Council on 25 June 2020 and Stage 2 is in progress. There is presently no CMP applicable to the subject land.

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