Through this website we aim to keep the Byron Shire community abreast of our progress as we develop on the North Byron Beach Resort site.

The property is 220 acres with almost 2km of beach frontage. The portion of this land we developed as Elements of Byron comprises 50 acres and has a final building footprint of only 3.8%, or less than 10% of the developable area.

This year we will complete the Eco Education Centre. The vision since we acquired the site has been to provide a facility geared toward interactive education. We are up-cycling an old cabin from the Byron Beach Resort days and repurposing it for this Centre, which is located on your left as you drive toward the resort, across from the car park. It will be a multipurpose facility open to third party environment and education groups as well as resort guests. The focus will be on education for sustainable living including food production. The Centre will be 100% powered by the sun and harvest its own rainwater. Surrounding the building will be 500m2 of market gardens and an organic composting facility.

Thank you.